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Our history

Reed's Construction was started in 1950 by Earl Reed. The piers started when it was a slow time in building and he was painting the Styberg's residence. They asked him if he would be able to build them a pier and he said yes. That was the beginning of construction, installation and removal of piers. He then later became sick and his brothers, Loyd, Glen, Dale and Vern Reed then took over Reed's Construction. As time went on they decided that they would like a barge to help with the piers and they purchased a Larc XV. This is a land and water vehicle. They were the first pier company to have a crane on Geneva Lake.

In 1990, Loyd retired and Jeff purchased into the business. Then in 1997, Dale and Glen retired and brothers, Jeff and Jon bought them out. Vernon was the last of the original brothers to retire in 1999. Reed's Construction has been a family owned business since the very beginning. Jeff and Jon are the sons of Vernon Reed.

They currently have 3 barges with cranes and 2 little barges that they use for installation and removal of piers, lifts, cribs, and seawalls or riprap.